Jonathan Baker-Bates

Designing things that other people build

I’ve worked for Tes GlobalMailOnline (part of DMG Media), and Expedia Inc. on the experience design team in London, England. I was a member of the Experience Design Department at LBi UK (formerly Oyster Partners and then Framfab UK) for over three years prior to that. At LBi I toiled for Sony, the National Health Service, BT Consumer Markets, BT Wholesale Markets, Abbey, Vodafone and others. Previous employers have also included the BBC (where I prototyped the back-end publishing UI for BBC News Online in 1998) and IPC Media.

With a broad involvement in web technologies and online systems development since 1993, I lead user experience designers working with diverse stakeholders. I help to ensure the delivery of well-executed products based on design principles aligned with both the business and the customer’s needs. My professional interests have passed through systems administration to project management, interaction design to design research, and have touched on many other fields in between.

Jonathan Baker-Bates

Bulgaria Web Summit, Sofia, June 2014

Probably the best way to understand what’s inside my head is to read this blog.

I am married to Kumi, have a son called Axel, and have a degree in Japanese Language from the University of Sheffield. I am a founder of the UK’s first server co-location co-operative and like playing with Linux, firing off shots in the copyfight, and writing about things that only I find interesting.

I also play the drums, currently in The Dead Zoo

I’d like to pretend there’s more to me than that, but I’m tired and I want to go to bed.

 (photo  Michel Bozgounov, Pentax K100 D + Pentax-M F1.7/50mm)


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This guy has one of the finest, well-honed and diveresly-applied minds in the digital space. I was in the meeting when he simultaneously invented and referenced ‘the washing machine of technology’, a metaphor all present use to this day; apposite and perfectly formed. If you have a chance to debate with, listen to, accept wisdom from or indeed hire, I suggest you take it.

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