by on May 24, 2005

A holiday for three weeks in Japan, starting tomorrow! It’s been a while since I last went – the sushi, the traffic, the in-laws and the partial lack of understanding of what’s going on. I’m looking forward to all these things and more, starting with airline food (Korean Airlines! A kimchi wagon in the sky!).


Presents indeed
Though I wasn’t talking so much about the ones you ought to take, more the ones you ought to bring back hint hint :)

It is indeed
If you mean “presents.” The gift culture is pretty rabid out there though. I prefer to keep it simple with pots of Marmite or packs of PG Tips for the in-laws, then I know they won’t try to escalate. Stray too far into impressive Wedgewood omiyage territory and a couple of years later you’ll be getting Rolex watches and Nikon D1000’s in retaliation.

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