Who Creates Music?

We had an email from HR on the company “fun” list today seemingly inviting all employees to listen to a popular music number called “Running Away’ by Roy Ayers.” Why, I don’t know. Out of lunchtime interest though, I was curious to find out whether we’d need a license to distribute music to employees. So I Googled about and got to PPL. Looks like we’d need to get one. Hmm. The phrase “screw you” came to mind.

But even more surprising was the home page blurb – rather revealing of their attitude I thought:

The license fees that PPL collects are then distributed to the rightful owner ... 
usually the record company responsible for creating the track - and also the performers
who played that track.

If I were a musician, I’d like to associate the word “creating” somewhat closer to the phrase “rightful owner” there! I was actually rather shocked.

Reminds me of the Simpsons line:

I worked damn hard for this, and I'm not going to let you, or them, or the rightful owner take it away from me!