2006 – A New Leaf, etc.

The holidays now over, and even the first week at work done, I can now return to some good ol’ blogging now that we’ve bought a new car, almost tidied up our files (well, my files anyway – Kumi still just chucks all her papers under her desk and mumbles shoganai…) and packed up the plastic Xmas tree.

My new year’s resolution (on my blog at any rate) is to think about more positive things. Too many of last year’s posts were cynical, negative rants. Writing about happy, nice things sure is going to be as dull as ditchwater but I’m going to make a fist of it. I’ve got a backlog of blog posts from the holidays, but they’ll almost all negative: AOL’s new ad campaign, the EU data retention directive, etc. etc. It’s going to be hard for me to resist writing about them at some point. But in a nice way. With an upbeat ending or something.