Moving On

After two years at Framfab UK, my clutch engages on another gear shift in the cross-contry rally of life on Monday, when I start work at Wheel.

A few months ago, I decided I needed a change from Framfab, the company I joined (then called Oyster Partners) in 2004. This decision coincided with a phone call which led to a meeting, which led to a “dentist appointment” and then a job offer. Such is the pattern when you’re under permanent contract.

And so, after working a somewhat hectic notice period, I had a very nice sendoff last Friday. I was touched by the turnout for my little leaving do, my present and my very thoughtful card (masterminded by Miles Sampson, I’ve just found out) complete with ASCII art photo of myself, grinning. My boss, Vanessa Wolfe-Coote, had the great idea of asking everyone to send in a word or phrase they thought summed me up, which I’ve arranged as a spoof tag cloud for posterity and ego-massage (the text sizes are based on actual frequencies, and are not my own!)

Thanks again all, particularly those who have supported me in my work and my time at Framfab – it’s been very much appreciated. I’m sad to be leaving, but I needed a shake-up. Let’s just hope it doesn’t shake me down.