Blogging from abroad is sooo trendy. But I forgot to pack my camera so no piccies I’m afraid. We’re doing user testing (I facilitated the sessions in London, and sitting in on the ones in Milan – more about that later).

It’s hot, but the testing suite is air-conditoned. Funny how net access is like drugs – we all have to fight for it as there’s no wi-fi here and some people’s GPRS is patchy. We found an ethernet cable and have been were passing it around like a crack pipe.

Last time I was here I was playing a banjo on an Interail ticket before going to uni and stayed in a youth hostel. This time, my hotel is just behind the Duomo. Had a lovely pizza, beer, chat and a book last night at a cafe in the huge plaza (marred only by the bloody McDonalds in the middle – albeit suitably toned down in black and gold rather than the usual red and yellow). If I’d been in any British city after 11:00pm I’d have been surrounded by drunks throwing up.

Back to Blighty tonight.