One from the logs

I was going through my chat logs this evening looking for something. It’s only the second time I’ve ever done it I think, but I must do it more often – you find all sorts of interesting stuff. Anyway, I spotted this amusing account of an exchange I’d had (edited to protect the innocent and to correct my howling typos):

I had a wonderful argument/conversation with one of the client-side developers today. 
Went something like this:
He: We have a problem because section XYZ of the site isn't accessibility compliant.
Me: That's OK, 'cos neither is much else on the site.
He: What do you mean? I've taken great pains to make it compliant!
Me: Well, if  I turn off Javascript and go to the site with Firefox, various
things don't work. I'm cool with that though 'cos we've not told the client it 
would be completely up to snuff.
He: Rubbish - Firefox must have bugs! When I turn off Active Scripting in IE
all is well.
Me: Well, I suppose maybe. It was only a quick test I did. 
He: Anyway, I'm not interested in Firefox, not a target browser, I'd be
surprised if more than 0.1% of {company name} customers us it. And they'd be geeks.
Me: I'd be surprised if more than 0.1% of {company name} customers use screen
readers, text browsers or are classified disabled. You were pointing out an
accessibility issue, remember?
He: Hrmph. It's a fair cop. 

Funny how people are about this stuff.

(BTW, if anyone at work is reading this, I turn my chat logs at work off!)