Bill Drummond’s Seventeen

I’ve just got a mail from Bill Drummond. He’s doing an installation of some kind (details rather sketchy) in the soon-to-be-opened Arts Depot, which is just round the corner from my house.

The installation/project/work will be called “How To Be An Artist” and he needs male voice “singers” (in my case that term is applied loosely) to record something as part of that.

I’ve always thought of him as rather scary ever since he left a dead sheep in the foyer of the Brit Awards, and the fact that he and Jimi Cauty burnt a million pounds adds to that.

So, I’m a bit apprehensive of what I might have to do next week (the timestamp is in the future – these artists, I dunno…):

From: bill drummond 
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2004 00:08:29 -0700

Dear member of The Seventeen,

Your Services are required at 7pm on 6 October 2004 at the new (but
unfinished) Artsdepot building at the Tally-Ho, North Finchley. Look for the
door with The Seventeen on it.
Your services will be required for up to two hours, in which time you will
be required to use your voice creatively in a lateral way. You will not be
paid for your services but refreshments will be provided and each member
will be given a pair of tickets for How To Be An Artist.


Bill Drummond.