Charlie Brooker and the Media

I tell myself I look down on blog posts that simply link to other things, but it’s Friday and I’m feeling lazy. The Charlie Brooker incident is (I’m gonna say it) significant, but not because he’s called for the assassination the US head of state, or that he’s annoyed so many Americans, but for what it says about the state of the “media.”

And this time, NTK have put it best:

Brooker may write in a paper, but he still posts
like he was on a newsgroup. You do know what they're saying 
on IRC, right? Do you read what the little green forums of 
the world spit out on a daily basis? Have you seen the
Indymediots, the Freepers, the lists, the feeds, the
unmoderated masses? Do you remember what you yourself wrote
*last night*? You've heard the Bush jokes, the Kerry jokes,
the Blair jokes: are we supposed to take all of those
seriously, too?
- we wish to complain about the portrayal of Micro Machines V3

We can only wait until the penny drops. (Big intake of breath). DEATH TO THE COMMUNICAT…!