eBay Madness

That bike crash has shaken me up. I’ve been riding my trusty Honda CB250N for over 12 years and it failed the MOT last year, and it’s going to have to have some repairs as well this time. So, I getting new wheels.

This time I’m going scooter. Bought my copy of What Bike? on Saturday morning, shortlisted a few, then hit eBay. By Sunday morning I’d taken a £500 punt on a 2003 Yamaha Majesty 125. It’s only got 2,500mi on the clock, but it’s had some damage that’ll need a couple of hundred to repair (I hope!). At least that’s the theory… I’m picking it up next weekend after I’ve run a check on it so fingers crossed I have a bargain. If not I can lambaste the seller on my blog!

Eleven hours later I’m on eBay again (this is how the dark forces of eBay work) and this time it’s shower rails. I’ve been looking for a good solid brass Victorian job to go with the posh fittings we inherited in our bathroom. All the new ones I’ve seen have been crazy prices – our local plumber’s merchant told us a ceiling-mounted one would be £490, and I’ve not seen anything less than £95 even for a nasty chrome wall-mounting hoop. So, I’m hoping the £118 I got it for is going to be worth it. It didn’t *look* bent in the photograph.

Right, that’s my impulse buying done for the month. I need to have some sugary tea now…