The eBay Phenomenon Continues

In my continuing adventures through the looking glass that is eBay, I have made a profit on a mobile phone sale. This is getting pretty weird. Who are these eBay buyers who are willing to pay so much?

Kumi wanted a new phone to replace her really old one. “Get one of them 3Pay ones – they look like a good deal” I said. So we did.

Brought it home, put the SIM in, put it on charge, then looked at the 3Pay tariff sheet. The minimum credit you can buy is £15. She uses about £10 a month maximum but they expire any unused credit at the end of the month. Doh! So – it was obviously for eBay. We bought it in Woolies for £39.99. I put it on with no reserve for a starting bid of £20.00.

Seven days and 17 bids later, it’s just gone for £52.00 plus £5.00 postage.

What is the world coming to?? Surely this is a sign that the forces of eBay are eroding the fundamental laws of economics?

Now I’m hoping the winning bidder will come to their senses; will refuse to pay and normality will be restored. But with similar listings looking like they’ll be closing for almost double the Woolies purchase price, I’m not holding out much hope on that.