Onion Routing

From time to time I get a reminder that the future isn’t somewhere you travel to, it’s something you create. As a teenager, my grandfather made a crystal radio set and let people listen to broadcasts from Paris at church fetes (this was before the BBC existed). He must have felt good about that. I feel the same sort of thing about onion routing.

After reading a post the other day on BoingBoing about how the EFF is doing development for Tor, I decided to set up a server of my own on my little DSL line (I have a fixed IP with Plusnet). It’s sitting their right now, anonimising connections from CIA whistle blowers and Tibetan exiles, or so I like to think. If you want to know more about Tor, it’s all explained there, but it just goes to show that the Internet isn’t all about sending email and using the latest P2P things. “What did you do in the great information revolution, Daddy?”