Not only am I not a pioneer…

by on July 13, 2004

Interesting – and timely – article on the Register today

Seems I’m not only in danger of annoying everyone (although that’s as good a reason to blog as any) but the related article at the bottom of the page says I’m a saddo too. Nice.


Is this Web thing going anywhere then?
I think I spent my first three years in this business answering that question…and here we are in 2004, still bitchin’ about client ‘tudes. Now that’s progress!

Blog away Mr BB. Amusing anecdotes, shared pain, and all. A virtual group hug, saving our professional sanity…


Job title: Web Designer/Master/Producer/Strategist/Architect/Developer/Administrator… Oh sod it. Let’s just say that after 10 years in this biz I can herd cats quite well…

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