AKQA In Da Second Life House

by on January 27, 2007

Those groovy people at AKQA are so groovy they are even in Second Life. Here’s a picture of me in their lounge, marvelling at the slideshow on the wall. And here’s one of me leaving a groovy comment.

Although quite deserted (it’s a Saturday night after all – they’ll be at home looking at their KPIs), it’s all very groovy, as I’ve said.

I’d better stop now because for all I know we’ll be merging with them in a few months time and I’ll have to be nice to them all…


I’m dying to know what these companies actually DO with their Second Life spaces after the initial “lets see how many PR newswires we can tell” frenzy. I haven’t heard a peep from AKQA since. I think it’s more of a publicity ploy than a genuine effort to seek out new talent.

Seeing as the only indication that the AKQA “virtual office” has anything to do with them is a logo, some completely random profile info, and some equally unexplained campaign slides, I highly doubt it could be anything but a PR stunt. They’d recruit more people at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

I think you’re right. Like all these things in Second Life, it soon fizzles out. A better use of resources would be to hold some kind of proper online seminar or even… gasp… a real world event! If they don’t do it in real life then what makes them think it’ll work in Second Life?

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