Another Gear Shift in the Cross-Country Rally of Life

Expedia Inc.
Travel broadens the mind, and so it is that today I leave LBi to start work with Expedia. In my case I shall be joining as an interaction designer.

Expedia makes a lot of sense. Having worked for about ten months on First Choice Holidays while at Wheel last year (although my work has yet to go live following their merger with TUI), I see travel as a suitably complex experience design challenge. Expedia is also a real online business. Not for me the clicks and mortar, or the pains of transformation to that.

Not since IPC and my involvement with Yachting and Boating World have I worked in-house though, so this will be a change. I feel sad to leave LBi though, and wish everyone there well.

I wonder if this was a co-incidence?