Blimey – It Worked!

I took out one of those incredibly dodgy-looking “100% cashback” mobile phone deals last year. Much to my surprise – it seems to have worked. £35 a month for a 12-month T-Mobile contract with 200 free any time/any network minutes per month. The handset was free too – a K700i.
I didn’t go over my 200 minute limit, but did spend some money on texts. I think I ended up spending maybe £20 over the year (a couple of mistaken calls to 0800 numbers I think too). I also spent £12 on special delivery postage costs for the cashback claims. The deal was from The Mobile Outlet, who tried to refuse my initial claim after six months on the grounds that I’d not complied with their contract terms. This seems to have been a mix-up though, and a couple of weeks later I get a cheque for £192. Last week, I got the other one for the remaining six.
Now I’m doing it again, this time with Phones 2U on a K750i handset with Vodafone (500 minutes, 200 texts).
As long as these deals are around, I’m not going to use PAYG again and that’s for sure! I wonder how much they make out me?