World Usability Day, Cheap Shot

I’d hate to be responsible for a website like World Usability Day, but since I’m not – I can’t resist a cheap shot.

Doh, The Usability

It happens at all browser and text sizes in Firefox. We were trying to analyse this at work and we think that it’s something to do with some irregular text sizing issue. Works OK on MSIE, although if you reduce the text size you see the text in the effected panel first go smaller then briefly bigger for some reason. Odd. Probably fixed by the time you read this, but it served as my daily irony dose for the day. I’ve mailed the webmaster.

Feeling rather bad about ribbing them now. I actually think that the idea of World Usability Day is a lot better than much of the usability community navel-gazing that goes on, and I’ve written about my thoughts on this before. We’ll probably all be too pooped from Euro IA to do much for it this year though I think – not that I went this time of course.