Delicious the Movie

Here’s a fun, and quite interesting, post-launch “movie” of the changes made in the new delicious UI. You have to be fairly familiar with the old one to appreciate the differences, of course.

Oddest thing I’ve noticed with the new design so far: in common with the old design, they seemed obsessed with limiting the number of links on a page to a measly 10 before paginating. Unless there is some awfully negative side-effect, pagination should really be delayed for as long as possible. Webtorqe’s pagination is set to kick in at 1000 items (I have 285 posts at the moment so you won’t be seeing it for a while). I can only assume this ruthless truncation of pages on delicious is down to performance reasons because it’s certainly a UX downer. Surely 10 is ridiculously low though?

Incidentally, my favourite change is the fact that they’ve finally got and not that damn domain I could never remember.