Exiled from Plaxo

I ‘ve had a login on Plaxo for about two years now and have only received a couple of invites from people I know, but I’ve had a several in the last couple of months. Maybe it’ll be the next Facebook?

I won’t be there if Plaxo does explode though. Plaxo is so far my only OpenID casualty. Since trying to convert my account to using OpenID, I’m now in exile from the system. Previously, this wasn’t a problem, but today I had an invite from the mighty Nick Crascke. Since anyone who is anyone would jump at the chance to accept such an invitation, I naturally followed the invite link. But it hit an infinite loop on some OpenID request requesting something on Plaxo requesting something on myopenid.com.

A similar thing happened with and invite from Jon Curnow a few months ago. I tried mailing Plaxo. They replied with a solution to my OpenID woes. It seems I’ve got two duplicate accounts at the moment, one of which is my OpenID attached one, the other now orphaned in Plaxospace. Or something. But the fix sounded horrendously complicated so I thought better of it.

I suppose I could counter-invite all my invites… or something. Anyway, here’s the video (2.7Mb AVI) of what I’m getting. I should show it to Plaxo’s support I suppose…