Faviki.com: No OpenID – Fail

While I yield to no man in my admiration of Tim Rowe, I cannot accept his latest invitation to join him on faviki.com. This is because I have resolved to boycott any new service unless it supports OpenID.

I have written to Faviki about this. Let’s see what happens (nothing probably), but in my opinion, these days any new service not supporting OpenID deserves to fail. I have upwards of fifty different logins for on line systems and it’s driving me nucking futs. It’s got to the stage where the cost of having to comply with yet another “must contain two numbers and capital letter” idiocy is just too much unless the payoff of demonstrably huge.

While I’m at it, Marcus has been doing some creative thinking on ways to manage on line systems without login, or at least without the traditional hassle of having to remember user IDs and passwords. He also drew my attention to OAuth the other day. It seems very interesting – if only I could understand it.