Goodbye Drupal – Hello WordPress

by on September 2, 2006

Welcome to a new Webtorque – now running WordPress. Drupal had fallen victim to the vagaries of software versions. For the geeks: I was running Webtorque on Drupal 4.4.2 (the current version is 4.7.3). This web server runs Red Hat Enterprse v3.2, which has PHP 4.2.2. Red Hat will not move RHEL 3 to a higher version of PHP, and versions of Drupal later than 4.5.8 won’t run on anything lower than PHP 4.2.3. So – clang! I’d hit the upgrade buffers. Drupal had to go.

I must say WordPress is – so far – much, much easier to configure than Drupal. It’s been a couple of years since I looked at blogging software, so things have progressed a bit, obviously.

Anyway, I need to remove lots of comment spam that got exported over into the database, and I’ll be sending people their new logins shortly.


Just a-testing the comments. I see that on MSIE the banner image has a dirty great grey box on the right. Fine with Firefox. Hmm.

Interesting: comment spam has gone from a few tens a day (peaking over 100 some days) when I was running Drupal to zero since I installed WP.

Ah – you know my thoughts on running a ‘blog. No-one should be legally able to run a ‘blog unless they’re prepared to write the software themselves… :-)

Which reminds me – must tidy up the white label version of the Automated Rich Speaks Editor…

Looking nice though,



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