I Was Mugged By Wolff Olins

I now realise that I hated the logo for the XXX Olympiad* because I was meant to hate it. Wolff Olins grabbed me by the throat, shoved me up against a wall and made me. At exactly the same time, they forced everyone else to take a stance on it too. Now the Sun has centre-spread hate pieces, 50,000 people sign petitions against it, and the London digerati pretend they loved it the minute they saw it. For god’s sake Wolff Olins – it’s only a logo! Why have you visited such pain upon us?

I have to admit I don’t really know if the logo is good or bad, or what a “good” logo would be anyway in this context. Good for what? Multichannel deployment? Recognition? Attracting the kids? The only thing we’re told is that it’s supposed to be doing the latter. I don’t know if anyone’s asked them, but I just wish it would all go away.

I’m with Ken Livingstone on sport: it bores bores me to tears. If people want to do it they can; I just resent been beaten over the head by it in this way.

* Ah, now I see why they aren’t using the official name this year!