Is It Too Slow Yet?

About a year ago, I decided to turn off pagination on this blog. If you scroll down, you will see at least the introduction to every post I’ve ever made – approaching 700 now.

The reason I did this was to have some counter evidence to give people when they tell me that long pages are bad because they have “load” problems. My supposition was that assuming you used well-designed markup and CSS, you could have an almost infinitely long page and nobody would notice. While those parts of the page below the fold are loading, you are probably looking at the parts that are above the fold, so the size of the page doesn’t matter. You can try this at home.

The current total download size of the page is reported by YSlow as about 2.3Mb. From time to time I remember to do a subjective test of this page to see how it’s doing. While it takes about a second or so for the above-fold content to appear (somewhat slower than I would expect), after that it’s usually fine on most connections I’ve tried.

I wonder if anyone else has noticed?