The content mapping monster has started its onslaught, and mother I can feel the soil falling over my head.

This week, I have been doing what must rank as (I hope) the most uninteresting task of my career ever. Well, there have been others like it but I’ve erased them from memory leaving only some familiar brain patterns behind: an urge to read Das Kapital, clock watching, tea-making fixations and suicidal thoughts. For almost three days solid, save for a meeting to review the results of user testing today, this is what my screen has looked like. Like a slow train wreak, we saw it coming, but were powerless to stop it. What’s worse, despite the fact that it’s only due to last until Friday, I fear The Monster will return at regular intervals during the rest of the project to satisfy its lust for power. May the Lord have mercy on our souls.

Surely, what is a “content management system” if wretches like me have to do this work? One day, people will see that they’ve been duped and rise up against the perpetrators of such systems who will rightly burn in hell for all eternity.