My BoingBoing feed had a story today about the Foxhills Golf Tournament’s sponsors. Being the letter-writing nutter I am, I thought I’d send in my views:

I notice the hosts of Golf 2005 are the Alliance Against IP Theft.

This is to let you know that I and many others do not regard the Alliance as
anything other than a blight on contemporary culture; an attack on the rights
of honest consumers and a hindrance to development in the third world. The
Alliance has been formed to further the interests and line the pockets of an
industry elite at the expense of the artistic community on which it relies.

Your organisation is now supporting one side of an important socio-political
debate - a side widely seen as fueled by greed. I do not know if this was your
intention, but at the very least you should understand what the issues are.
For example:

You might like to ask the sponsors about these issues, and if you do,
to relay these to your members.

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