Usecrime in progress: the Sunday Times

Two blog posts in one day. A record!

In what I think may become a bit of a regular feature of this blog, here’s a site that in my opinion has awful usability. Well, it pops up windows like they were going out of fashion. Try this:

1. Go to and search for something in the search box in TLHC.

2. First you get a popup asking if you want to search the whole net (using eSpotting – eurgh) or the site.

3. Then you get ANOTHER popup with the results in.

4. Then you get YET ANOTHER popup with the article in.

5. And when you try to scroll down through the article in that popup… you can’t. It’s fixed height.

My lord. How many accessibility cock-ups can you have in one operation? Having non-resizable popups for arbitrary-length content is the mark of the complete amateur idiot. How the hell did that get past the QA? Assuming they *have* QA.

Here. Have a screenshot.