Handing Out Speeding Tickets At The Indie 500

I’m thinking of adding a new category of “copyfight” to this blog. There’s so much to write about!

Hot on the heels of the AllofMP3.com news comes more news that the BPI wants to sue them! This after Tiscali is made to take down its juke box service.

The BBC article above mentions that AllofMP3.com’s UK market share of online downloads is estimated as being 14%. Rise or fall now? I wonder. The Pirate Bay seems to be struggling to cope with demand after it’s little run-in with the US, er, Swedish police – and it accounted for almost half of Sweden’s entire bandwidth usage before the take down!

I think we’re now firmly establishing a pattern that’s clearly unsustainable without some truly terrible measures being taken that will wipe out most, if not all the consumer and online privacy rights we have today. The only places you can get music on line on the terms you want, in the way you want, is illegal. Once again: why should we pay for the record industry’s failed business model? Now all we need is for the artists themselves to wake up to what’s going on. Oh wait, what was that? (Acc. Cory Doctorow: CDBaby is a cool online CD store that takes a $4 cut from every disc and passes the remainder onto the artist: $8-$10 per disc versus the $1 an artist with a label can expect to receive.)