Proof, If Proof Be Needed

Microsoft’s “fastest patch ever” is interesting:

If you really want to see Microsoft scramble to patch a hole in its software, don’t look to vulnerabilities that impact countless Internet Explorer users or give intruders control of thousands of Windows machines. Just crack Redmond’s DRM.

One of the more stunning conversations I’ve ever had with a work colleague about the software we use went along the following lines once:

Me: “Aaargh! Word’s so buggy, either that or so complex, this feels like a bug…! I hate Microsoft software!”

Them:  “Well, if they weren’t the best, they wouldn’t be top of the heap, now would they?”

Me: “What? Are you nuts??”

Them: “No – I’m serious. Microsoft make the best software because that’s what everyone uses.”

Me: “Aaargh!”

Microsoft is a monopoly. This is why their software contains rafts of bloated, useless “features” that ordinary users just don’t understand. Microsoft has usability labs, and usability people banging away in their own little world in Redmond with vast budgets, etc.. But the fact is that users mean nothing to their business model. If users want a feature, or don’t like something, they can complain – but M$ don’t have to listen. All they have to do is make sure the users (and their workplaces) UPGRADE. That, and making sure that large industry sectors (like media) give them lots of money.

So this latest news about the DRM “flaw” that’s been patched immediately is, I think, proof. Microsoft doesn’t care, has never cared, and doesn’t need to even pay attention to users. Why should they? Years between MSIE 6 and MSIE 7? Actual, useful, real differences between Windows 95 and Vista? You get the idea…