Serves Me Right

Regular readers will know that I had a free mobile phone last year, thanks to a 100% cashback deal. This year however, I’ve not been so lucky.

After hearing nothing from Phones 2 U Direct.Co.Uk Ltd after my first cashback claim in September, I served them a court order to get a response. They replied to the court, admitting they owed me the money. That was over three weeks ago, and I’ve still heard nothing. Now I see that they’ve gone under.

They will be served a judgement by default for non-payment, but it now doesn’t matter much. Oh well, I think I’ll write to their MD, a Mr David Ellis of Hartley, Longfield, Kent DA3 8EX, and send him a copy of a letter I have for Arun Sarin about the conduct of his company and why Vodafone should keep better tabs on their affiliates.

It’s good to talk.

3 thoughts on “Serves Me Right”

  1. Some recompense this week from my letter to Arun Sarin on the matter. A call from a nice women at his office offering to refund half the line rental as a good will gesture.

    Thanks then, in some part, to Vodafone customer services – if not their marketing department.

  2. How did you write to Arun Sarin?

    I wrote numerous letter but have not had my line rental halved.

  3. I addressed a letter to him as follows. He called me about three weeks later.

    Arun Sarin, CEO, Vodafone Group Plc
    Vodafone House
    The Connection
    RG14 2F

    February 21st 2008

    Dear Mr Sarin,

    I am writing to you to about one of your affiliate companies, Phones 2U Direct.Co.Uk Ltd of Unit B4 Chaucer Business Park, Watery Lane, Kemsing, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 6QY (David Ellis, MD).

    I became a Vodafone customer through Phones 2U in March 2007 on the strength of their promise to refund 100% of my line rental over 12 months. However, Phones 2U have to date failed to pay me the money they owe me under their contract, despite admitting liability in response to a court order (ref no 8QT01410) made by me on February 4th.

    While I know that Phones 2U acted independently, as a consumer I find it distasteful that Vodafone should operate incentives to affiliates such as Phones 2U without checking whether such incentives are being abused.

    My opinion of your industry in general, and Vodafone in particular, has been lowered. Fostering an impression of untrustworthiness is not, you will agree, good business practice.

    Yours sincerely.

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