Serves Me Right

Regular readers will know that I had a free mobile phone last year, thanks to a 100% cashback deal. This year however, I’ve not been so lucky.

After hearing nothing from Phones 2 U Direct.Co.Uk Ltd after my first cashback claim in September, I served them a court order to get a response. They replied to the court, admitting they owed me the money. That was over three weeks ago, and I’ve still heard nothing. Now I see that they’ve gone under.

They will be served a judgement by default for non-payment, but it now doesn’t matter much. Oh well, I think I’ll write to their MD, a Mr David Ellis of Hartley, Longfield, Kent DA3 8EX, and send him a copy of a letter I have for Arun Sarin about the conduct of his company and why Vodafone should keep better tabs on their affiliates.

It’s good to talk.