The Soul of Socialism Under Hucknall

I don’t read the Guardian much these days, but I’ve always known it as a broadsheet with a sense of humour. Their printing today of this article, “written” by Mick Hucknall, and the inevitable comments about it on line, must be one of the funniest online occurrences this year.

Hucknall (oh OK, it’s some music industry lawyer, but let’s just imagine) inexplicably steps into the copyfight on the side of “socialism” and then plays Alice in a Wonderland of inverted logic. Some highlights include:

“Copyright’s democratising effect is seen most clearly in the music business.”

“Far from obstructing this exchange of inspiration, copyright facilitates sampling, …”

“Allowing valuable sound recordings to pass into the public domain does not create a public asset: it represents a massive destruction of UK wealth…”

“The benefits of extending the copyright term will last a long time. “

This is clearly the voice of somebody who has (to use the analogy coined by Cory Doctorow) pitched his tent on the side of a volcano, and is now asking us to rescue him at our own expense. His audience are not amused.

I could go on, but I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know that I’m not. Instead, I highly recommend you read the comments to the article. Choose your favourite riposte because, as one commenter puts it, “Hegemony isn’t a word used a lot in Denton.”