– Nice Design

Only just discovered I like the overall design very much. It’s pushing the the stereotypical “web 2.0” conventions on rather well: desaturated colours, rounded corners, etc., but it’s very well thought out – everything is there for a reason. I also note some interesting things going on: no scroll bars (just up/down arrows), no “handles” for users – it’s Facebook-style real names.

It’s also the first site I’ve been on in ages which handles registration properly. When I elected to do something that needed me to be singed in (in this case, to comment on a thread), the sign-up process took me back to exactly what I was doing before I hit the signup link. Not only that, but I tried to break it by moving between sign-up and sign-in screens and off to the T&Cs before giving my details.

Having just designed a video upload interface myself, I was interested to see what they’d done with theirs. Still the old problem with navigating away from the page when you’re uploading (it stops the upload), but they’ve pull off what I was told was not possible: telling the user if the file’s too big before they upload the file. Bah!

I think I’ll be looking at this site in some more detail. This is nice design.