Vodafone Broken Calling

by on September 25, 2007

I was in Spain last week, on the Vodafone ES network, and dialled a wrongly-constructed number. The call didn’t connect (just went dead, no ringing) and I got this message. That number at the bottom is the number I was calling, properly formatted. If the system knows how to format the number – why not just dial it and not pester me?

The notion of “service design” can’t come on these companies too soon if you ask me.


Maybe they had in mind:

” Better tell the user HOW HE/SHE SHOULD PROPERLY the number ”

— so next time you know your mistake, and correct yourself; or so if you call using another mobile operator, which maybe WON’T have this auto-correct feature enabled, you’ll be on the safe side?

Just a guess :-)

Yes, but my point is why is this a mistake at all?

In any kind of user-centred thinking about this, the system should allow for common things like not putting “00” in front of an otherwise valid number. After all, the telephone system is over 100 years old, and the mobile phone networks are over 20. This would imply that the underlying technology to route calls isn’t very fast moving or even complicated. It should be easy enough to compensate for simple “mistakes” like this, but mobile user experience is, on the whole, execrable.

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