When Films are Free

I don’t watch nearly enough films, but my attention has been drawn to two animations recently. Both are free.

Firstly, the Blender project has brought out a new film (I wanted to embed it here but it breaks the page). It has a CC licence, and looks like an impressive bit of 3D animation (all the models and source files are also provided on the CD).

Secondly, there is the incredible new production from Paul Robertson: Kings of Power 4 Billion %. I assume this is public domain, but he is clearly is too cool to say anything about anything as boring as licensing, so I’m not sure. I’ve now watched it about … eighty times.

Kings of Power 4 Billion

See also the wonderful anime geek flame war between the kuns and chans in the first thread on Robertson’s Livejournal page announcing the film. It’s Internet gold, I tell you.

3 thoughts on “When Films are Free”

  1. How do you actually see it though? The links that work appear to take for ever so am not sure if they are even working.

  2. Best use the BitTorrent link – I got the whole thing in about 20mins with that. I imagine the direct downloads are all swamped.

  3. Why is nothing in the world of techy intuitive and well designed for those that have a day job? Dutifully found some software that has something to do with Bit Torrent (Bit Torrent v 6.boredom) – downloaded it. Now what do I do? If you click on the file nothing happens… . Went into real player / media player and they don’t seem to have a “open” function that allows you to look for a file a la Windows.

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