Should I Blog It?

I’ve been having to edit my urges recently. There have been various little things happening to which my almost instant (and in my view unhealthy) reaction is that “I should blog that.”

For instance, I was returning home after work last night, and as I waited at the lights at the crossing of Pentonville Road and Amwell Street, who should wonder across but Gilbert and George! It’s the second time I’ve seen them out on the streets of London. Last time I spotted them in Soho and my wife and I followed them at a discreet distance to see where they were going (they went into a side street and were let in to a small door and disappeared). But this time, to my surprise, almost my first reaction was that this was great blog material and that because they were walking along my route, I should stop, get out my phone and snap a few pics.

But why? Isn’t just being able to tell your friends enough? I’m no great afficionado of their work: I just had a scaled-down reproduction of “Winter Pissing” on my wall when I was a student once. Something about their lives as “living art works” makes them more interesting than, say, Tracy Emin the Chapman Brothers though.

The more I think about it, the more I should have taken that bloody picture.