Science Does Not Remove the Terror of the Gods

StumbleUpon is a nice idea and I’ve been using it a bit recently. Its categorisations are a bit too broad to be really useful, but if they hooked it up with some sort of folksonomy system that you could use to refine your profile, then it might get really interesting. Like only less… flat.

I was impressed when the “random stumble” button took me to one of my favourite pages on the web, hence the title of this post.

One thought on “Science Does Not Remove the Terror of the Gods”

  1. Pinko
    Most people totally misunderstand the term “SubGenius.” Look at the
    word. What does it mean?

    It means NOTHING! It’s utterly ambiguous. All-purpose. It sure as hell
    doesn’t mean “just below genius level.” To “Bob” and his mighty friends
    in The Council of None, one happy idiot is worth far more than ten A-Bomb
    inventing geniuses. We throw most so-called “geniuses” OUT. They’re too
    nervous, they take themselves too seriously, they’re Snide. They do not
    truly ‘know’ Slack.

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