AIMBots to Miss

When you consider that IRC, chatbots, and whole instant messaging thing is now ten years old or more, then you’d think that AOL would at least get their new “AIMbot” adbot system out of the door without it being so utterly useless. But no.

Who am I kidding? AOL, the worst ISP that has ever been, and will ever be, in the history of the world: purveyors of the most frantically confusing user experiences I have ever had, on line or off (yes, worse than Compuserve before AOL bought them) – why would I even give them the time of day? I suppose it’s because they are inexplicably huge and for whatever reason, people I know use AIM. So I use Trillian.

So I, and presumably millions of others, got a little message up on my AIM channel inviting me add one of their AIMbots to my “buddy list” (shudder) the other day. Well, hey, I thought, it might be worth investigating. Well, in comically bad style – it wasn’t.