I’d Rather Stick a Drill in My Thumb

by on January 15, 2005

Standard & Poor’s site is larded up to the eyeballs with JavaScript and Flash, and (surprise!) is a broken wreak of a site because of it. Firefox users can’t sign up for one thing. I mailed them about that, naturally, while the chances of them replying properly are of course zero. At least they show you a warning – and a picture of somebody attacking their thumb with a dentist’s drill. Are their designers trying to tell you something?


Nice one.
I see that with javascript disabled (in IE-6) it is well nigh on impossible to leave the home page. I guess that’s what people mean when they talk about “sticky” websites. At least you can get to the support page to grumble… Though I’m not sure if you can actually submit the form!

As for accessibility… Don’t even go there.

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